Specialty coffee testing

In our laboratory, run by a certified Q-Grader, we provide consulting services, laboratory testing and physical and sensory analysis of coffee. Our team specializes in the evaluation and improvement of coffee programs throughout the global supply chain from producers and traders, to roasters and private-label brands, including foodservice, retail, and single-cup products. Our experience enables us to provide insights that assist our clients in making informed decisions.


Specialty coffee roasting service

We provide roasting services for our customers since 2013. Our facilities are located in the north of Italy, with our partner we roast batches of a minimum quantity of 1 bag of 60kg-70kg up to 2000kg per day. Our roasters have more then 20 years of experience and always trained for a constant skills growth in all production aspects. We support you with logistics and our graphic partner will provide support with graphic design in regards layout creation of bags and boxes. A full taylor made service for your business.


Container ship - greentide trading

Through agreements stipulated with partners in the countries of origin, Greentide offers the service of research and supply of the coffees you have requested. We carry out physical and sensory qualitative tests of each batch that we offer, ensuring quality through stringent tasting protocols reported to the customer. We support our customers from the batch's selection to the arrival at their destination.

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