Finca Las Luces

REGION: Santa Ana
FARM MANAGER: Armando Escobar FARM AREA: 9.8 Hectares SOIL CLASSIFICATION: sandy loam WEATHER: Tropical TOPOGRAPHY: Hilly ALTITUDE: 950 average masl 

Finca Las Luces


FINCA LAS LUCES produces Pacamara Variety. Pacamara was created in El Salvador by combining the strength, productivity and resilience of Pacas and Maragogype varietals. The result of this combination is Pacamara, an exotic, fruitful, sweet coffee that has grown famous throughout the world.
Enormous efforts are made in this farm to achieve great quality coffee. Labors such as fertilization, shade pruning, coffee planting, etc. are carefully supervised by the Café Pacas team to provide the plants with the nutrients and microclimate conditions that are ideal for their growth and proper development. Harvesting is done when the fruit is completely ripe, to ensure the best cup quality.

Finca Las Luces is located in Volcan de Santa Ana.  This volcano is very famous for growing coffee.  It is also known as Volcan Ilamatepec.  The average 1,000 masl.  Flavor notes from this farm are sweet aroma, round body, good acidity, spicy and chocolate.

Las Luces is a beautiful farm where different species of birds, reptiles, and mammals inhabit.  This farm allows us to preserve and improve our environment, as we perform different activities aimed at soil conservation, oxygen creation, water conservation, etc.   These practices include: fosas, cajuelas, shade trees among others.

Social Responsability

Café Pacas is committed to contribute in a positive manner to our society. Since 2012, we have developed a social responsibility strategy, which includes wellness workshops that are offered to our people.
We have partnered with an NPO called FUNPRES. Together we have a stronger impact in the communities around the farms and mill.
These programs are focused on providing wellness tools to the people that work at Café Pacas. Additionally, they receive individual psychotherapy sessions in case they need it.
We recognize that people are the most important part of our company. Their socio-emotional wellness is our top priority.

  • Re-planting of the farm using high quality varieties of coffee
  • Using diversified shade trees
  • Digging “fosas”, which are holes that capture water and organic matter into the acquifers
  • Using Green-approved fertilizers
  • No hunting
  • Soil erosion prevention programs
  • Cypress forest at the top which is kept wild
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