About us

GreenTide is a project started in 2012 stemming from the experience and enthusiasm of its founders Piero Piccolo, Eliana Cossio and Matteo Vendramini. Our biggest challenge was to be able to offer everyone the chance to drink specialty coffees.

We started by carefully and thoroughly selecting the highest quality coffee with completely traceable sources in Central and South America. The significant interest that our gourmet coffee aroused from the beginning has encouraged us to continue with motivation in this direction. The continued philosophy of Greentide is to value the experience and expertise of the producers and always offer an excellent product.

Over time Greentide has been able to increasingly consolidate its connection with the producers, from which we select the best batches each year and bring them to Europe’s most demanding roasters.

green coffee bean MISSION

We import only the coffee we are in love with. It is monitored and evaluated throughout the whole chain that meets the highest standards designed together with academic professionals. We all have the right to drink specialty coffee!

green coffee bean TRANSPARENCY

Greentide commitment is to focus on an ETHICAL supply chain, that’s why we share as much information as possible about the producers. The hard work deserves to be cased!

green coffee bean STRENGTHS

The Company’s research capabilities and unique resources derived from our organizational diversity are our strengths and make Greentide specialist in the premium market. We believe in quality of gourmet products offered and, thanks to the cooperation of the producers, we are able to import high-quality coffee which can be traced from the cherry to the cup.

Our team

Piero Piccolo
Chief executive officer
Matteo Vendramini
Chief financial officer
Rebecca Meister
Back office manager
Filippo Vescovi
Roasting quality manager

Greentide - specialty coffee testing

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